Who is Szymon?

Szymon Puzdrowski is a full stack web developer and a software engineer. He has worked on multiple projects involving industrial warehouse management systems. While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Stony Brook University, he collaborated on an autonomous transport robot, ready to by used by the US military. He also started the Web & App Developers’ Club and hopes to improve it by the time he graduates in 2018. In his free time, Szymon works as a freelance web designer and a programming tutor.

Latest Blog Posts

I'am not much of a writer but I create pretty handy tutorials from time to time.
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  • Polish (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (basic)

Libs I use

Libraries and Frameworks I use often.

Languages I know

Languages that I know and created projects in.

Technologies I've used

A list of technologies I've used and am familiar with.

My Projects

Projects and such are work in progress here. This is a makeshift list:
  • At school
    • Project Wilhelm - an autonomous robot designed for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition with the Stony Brook University Robot Design Team.
    • SBTools - a new application which empowers the student body during the scheduling process with the Stony Brook University Web and App Developers’ Club.
  • At work
    • IHS (In House Scanners) - a full-fledged application for warehouse handheld scanners running Windows CE7 or Android Jelly Bean
    • PHP based shipping API for UPS and FedEx parcel shipments with warehouse integration
  • In my free time
    • LS-RP.net – a gaming community of 100,000+ users with over 1,000,000 forum posts
    • Ludum Dare #29 and #32 entries – a 48-hours “game from scratch” making competitions
    • Kingdom - Multiplayer game written in Java using self-made pixel graphics engine and KryoNet networking
    • Thunderclient-Java - a java API for the open-source thunderpush library
    • Freelance web projects: topsped.com, sunsped.eu, wayny.com
    • 2013 Carnegie Melon CTF Hacking Competition
    • 2014 HSCTF Hacking Competition
    • Stony Brook University Wolfie-themed platform game
    • YouTube and Twitch channels with programming tutorials and live programming sessions
    • Web and Email server setup and management for a small business’ in New York
    • Consulting and private tutoring in general Computer Science and programming
    • Management of various small game-and-voice servers