Full name
Szymon Puzdrowski
Professional Experience
6 years
Working in
New York City and Long Island


GIT, IIS, NGINX, MySQL, MS SQL Server, WAMP, Photoshop, MySQL Workbench, SQL Management Studio, Visual Studio, Sublime, Eclipse, WinSCP/Putty, Office 365/G Suite, Trello, AWS, Slack, Bash
HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C#, Pawn, C++, Bash (scripting)

Windows, Debian 7/8/9, Ubuntu 8-16, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, LibGDX
FedEx, UPS, USPS (Stamps.com), Amazon, Shopify, BrickFTP, Bing Maps, NOAA NWS, IPB

Integrated with
Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, Breville, Nespresso, SharkNinja, Hurom, Groupon, Woot

While working on a professional warehouse management and supply chain management system, I've had the chance to integrate with numerous 3rd parties. Those included all major shipping vendors (UPS, USPS and FedEx), as well as retail giants such as Amazon (with their Vendor Central) and Woot with their orders system.
I often experiment with tools written in various languages and integrate them into my project.

Work Experience.

July 2015 - March 2019

PRC Industries

Software Developer
St. James, NY
Worked in a small team of software developers. Designed and programmed a complete, proprietary, end-to-end product return, management, production, quality assurance and shipping solution.
  • Co-authored the design and development of TRACS 2.0 – a full-fledged warehouse management system (WMS) with robust product (re)manufacturing functionality and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Integrated multiple 3rd party APIs including FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping APIs, Amazon’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) APIs and Shopify’s store front APIs.
  • Authored and published application release notes along with training documents and technical documentation. Excelled at simplifying complex algorithms into presentations used by the non-technical teams in their presentations.
  • Supported end-users in numerous ways including training, problem resolution, phone support, reporting, data analysis and more.
  • Participated in sales presentations to facilitate translation of our clients’ needs into easy-to-understand software solutions. Helped the sales team in closing new deals by demonstrating capabilities of the software developed by our team that no other firm can match.
January 2016 - Present

Response Force One

Software Developer / Consultant
Nottingham, NH
Provided software development services and general technology consulting to RF1 – a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sub-contractor specialized in data management in crisis situations. My expertise has been used by RF1 in a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shelter for displaced children, as well as during humanitarian relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, TX.
  • Maintained and modified existing functionality of the TripWire software to fit the needs of clients in a continuously changing environment that is based on unpredictable nature of natural and manmade disasters.
  • Worked on innovative solutions to move outdated barcode scanning technologies to the realm of RFID. Additionally, participated in a separate project of developing a proprietary (hardware) RFID scanner with seamless integration with RF1’s system.
  • Conducted technical presentations of new features and participated in design meetings to establish the best solution to an evolving problem.
  • On multiple occasions demonstrated responsibility, reliability and adaptive flexibility by designing, developing and deploying solutions to imminent problems in a matter of hours, often during night hours to meet clients’ high expectations.
June 2017 - Present

Boston Virtual ARTCC

Whitmore Lake, MI
As part of my passion for aviation, I’ve been donating my work pro bono to the Boston Virtual ARTCC - a 503(c)3 registered organization devoted to pilot and Air Traffic Control training for prospecting pilots, controllers and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Designed and programmed a suite of applications for virtual aviation including a Bing Maps based flight tracker similar to FlightAware, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) based charts browser for the Boston area airports, and a virtual flight statistics tracker for participants of the virtual aviation training experience.
  • Designed and developed an Information Display System (IDS), a program that helps prospecting air traffic controllers become familiar with airport tower software.
  • Drew valuable experience from working in a professional environment with a loose managerial structure that contrasts my day-to-day job in a corporate environment.
2013-2014 school year

Lindenhurst High School

Computer Science Teacher
Lindenhurst, NY

During my senior year of high school, I was hired by the school (and was the only student) to conduct senior citizen classes for the elderly members of our community as part of a large evening classes initiative. My responsibilities included preparing the entire curriculum, delivering lessons and facilitating hands on workshops. This experience helped me understand differences between different target groups during presentations.
October - December 2013

Babylon Democratic Committee

Lindenhurst, NY

Participated in the 2013 General Election cycle as part of an emerging School of Political Science program at Lindenhurst High School. During my time as an intern I managed data, took part in grassroots lobbying in the local area, conducted phone calls to a wide range of voters and helped operate a field office before and during the election day.




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